Menorca with its 216 kilometres of coastline with over 100 beaches is a palette of pastel hues where all the colours come together to celebrate life in harmony. Menorca boasts some of the finest beaches in the world- from the bustling southern beaches to the craggy coastline of the remote north, Menorca is the blue blood of the Balearic archipelago. 
Experience first-hand how colours merge into one another to produce the exquisite beaches, the countless coves and the dazzling silky sand under the azure skies of Menorca.    
Here is our selection of the top 5 captivating beaches that will compel you to book a Menorca yacht charter and set sail to the island of dreams.

The Captivating Cala Turqueta

On the southern coast of Menorca surrounded by pine forests and turquoise waters lies a little part of paradise famously known as Cala Turqueta. It is said that Cala Turqueta draws its name from the crystal clear turquoise waters that surround it, another theory suggests that the name was indeed given due to its ancient past where the island had suffered multiple invasions by Turkish pirates. Beachgoers cannot get enough of this place even though it’s only 110 meters in length due to its infinite beauty. There are two parts to this island separated by a small strip of rocks complimenting each other with their respective charms. Cut off from the worldly chaos the cove is not cut off from world-class facilities, it is well equipped with car parks and toilet services. There is also a picnic spot where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal under the pine shades in the balmy weather. Plan a Menorca boat tour, drop anchor at your favorite site, and enjoy the incredible play of colors while you explore, sunbathe, and swim in this territory of limitless beauty.

Cala Macarellelta The Magnificent

Virgin landscapes, diverse ecosystems and a hike to the surrounding hillocks contribute to some fantastic photographs and a phenomenal experience at Cala Macarelleta- one of the most famous beaches on the island of Menorca.
Located on the south coast, you can easily reach this land of turquoise waters and white sands by booking a Menorca boat tour. One of the crowning jewels of the Balearic archipelago Cala Macarelleta is perfect for snorkelling amidst the astounding diversity of marine flora and fauna. The alga here is the custodian of the transparent turquoise sea. Explore the surrounding Posidonia meadows, hike in the forests, stop by the small dunes and discover the beautiful dirt road of cami de Cavalls that takes you through the whole island until your heart has quenched its thirst.


The Pristine Playa De Cavalleria

Playa de Cavalleria brings the north of Menorca to the forefront. Here the beaches add a warmer tone to your experience. The coarse sand picks up the reddish hue of the surrounding rocks and adds earthly colours to the idyllic landscape. The weather here might get a little unpredictable due to its exposure to the tramontane winds, so a weather forecast check is suggested before boarding a private yacht charter Menorca. Like Cala Turqueta this beach is also divided into two parts by Farragut’s stumbling block. The colour distinction is spectacular in this stretch. One can see the silver hue of the sandy portion remarkably placed adjacent to the reddish rocky side under the sparking waters of the cove. Visit the Cavalleria lighthouse, and seize the moment with a breathtaking photograph from this vantage point. You can also indulge in a messy mud bath in the therapeutic clay composition from the cliff walls and then take a plunge straight into the turquoise waters of the cove. Surf when the wind is right, hike through the Cami de Cavalls and reach Cala en Valent and snorkel the area to discover the uniqueness the cove has to offer.

The Exclusive Cala Pregonda

This beach is all about the Mediterranean uniqueness. Forget the white beaches for a while and worship the red sands of Cala Pregonda. This red cove of Menorca is popular for its rocky indentations, large circular beach, and the biggest islet. The sea here is calm protected from strong winds and waves and is perfect for romantic getaways and relaxations. Take a Menorca yacht charter and spend a day discovering the surreal beauty of the unspoiled surroundings. It is recommended that you bring your food and amenities because human activities are extremely limited here to preserve the tranquillity and the ecological balance of the place. To add a little thrill to your trip, you must go cliff jumping in the backwaters and the natural pool formations. Cala Pregonda has some of the most spectacular pathways around the island that eventually leads you to a postcard-perfect picturesque setting.


The Picturesque Cala Presili

Another hidden wonder in the north of Menorca is the remote cove of Cala Presili inside the Natural Park of Es Grau. Sheltered from the westerly winds in Morella bay, this beautiful cove harbors anybody who wishes to bask in the glory of the sun in peace. A rented kayak or a rented Menorca yacht charter takes you to this least frequented remote location through a breathtaking turquoise channel. Once at the coast, rise to the top of the Favaritx Lighthouse and enjoy the stunning view of the spectacular beach. Unlike the other beaches, Cala Presili is not covered by a luscious forest area but the rugged vegetation worn out by the strong Tramontane winds also adds an exotic touch to the arid panorama. And if the search for beauty is still not accomplished upgrade your kayak adventure a notch higher and touch the beautiful beaches of Arenal de Morella.
Therefore, if you are a beach bum come visit the green island of Menorca- the hotspot of the best beaches in the world. Different islands promise you an offbeat Mediterranean gateway, relish nature’s dramatic colors at their best with the exhilarating beaches, beautiful coastlines, sprawling greenery, and rugged cliffs. Reserve a yacht charter Menorca, leave your cosmopolitan life behind, and gear up for some pleasant surprises.
Calm the chaos in you, and pamper your senses with a revitalizing trip to Menorca with its therapeutic beaches.