10 reasons why Mallorca should make it to your bucket list

Mallorca is a Mediterranean miracle- a dreamy island destination off the southeast coast of Spain. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca encapsulates the Mediterranean essence with its turquoise waters, azure skies, pristine beaches, and a mild climate that comfortably blankets you everywhere you go.
Mallorca’s pleasant personality is a combination of culture and nature. Vacationers are enthralled by the beauty of its ancient towns, medieval castles, churches, and museums along with its rugged mountains that run into the sea offering an exquisite view of a sensational coastline, natural coves, and the luscious greenery around.
If the marvelous Mallorca still fails to fascinate you, here are ten compelling reasons that will surely convince you to book a Mallorca private boat tour for your next trip and discover the best places on this idyllic island.

1. 300+ sparkling beaches and coves to entice

Beaches and coves in Mallorca are astounding. The right amount of bustle sprinkled with the right amount of tranquillity served on a platter of white sand, topped with turquoise waters make the perfect Mediterranean holiday recipe that leaves an indelible mark long after you are gone. There is plenty of room for all no matter your taste. Variety spices up the beach life in Mallorca- from family beaches to wild beaches Mallorca has it all.
Cala Figuera, located in the northeastern part of the island in a cove on the Cap de Formentor is considered one of the best-rated beaches in Mallorca. The trail to the beach is very popular with hikers, as it takes them through a virgin environment to a spot to escape the summer crowds and directly into the crystal waters perfect for snorkeling. Unlike the other beaches, Cala Figuera is strewn with pebbles and gravel making it an unconventional hidden gem that you cannot miss when you have isolation and peaceful escapades in mind.
If you are looking for some calm waters Cala Lombards is where you should go. Locals flock to this place more often as this place is yet to be discovered by the majority of the tourist population. So, one can enjoy quiet strolls on the white sands, snorkel amidst the corals, spot the underwater fauna or just swim aimlessly in the crystal visibility of the bay waters.

Calo des Moro is the perfect beach for young families. The water here is shallow and calm and is a perfect fit for children to swim in without their parent’s supervision. Surrounded by white cliffs, this beach is a natural paradise that displays the Balearic charm in its unique way.
Cala Varques is another cove that you shouldn’t miss. Speleologists take a lot of interest in this unblemished beach as it has a cave with multiple entrances and breathtaking underwater artwork carved by the sea for 500 meters. The surrounding pine forests and underwater galleries make this beach one of a kind.
If you are not a swimmer there is a beach in Majorca for you too. Cala Agulla is a Blue Flag beach that meets the highest safety requirements. You can enjoy the turquoise waters freely as lifeguards are always on the prowl to prevent any unprecedented situations. Located 2 km from Capdepera in the northeastern part of Mallorca, this beach does not lack the facilities lacked by a remote beach tucked inside a bay. There are sunbeds, bars, parasols, and toilet facilities. One can also enjoy the delicacies in a beach restaurant followed by a walk in the surrounding forests.
Now, if you still wish to take your quest for discovery a notch higher then you must hire yachts in Mallorca and tread into the unchartered territory of hidden coves, untouched beaches, and secret lagoons that are yet to touch your soul.

2. Hidden gems around the corner – Sa Calobra

The easiest way to arrive at Sa Calobra is by Mallorca private boat trips that leave Port de Soller. A small village on the northwest coast of Mallorca, Sa Calobra is a set of two awe-inspiring beaches divided by the Torrent de Pareis river gorge. This is where the sea finds its way to penetrate the rugged terrain of the Sierra de Tramontana mountains to create magical sceneries. These magical sceneries were named Natural Monuments by the Balearic Island government in the year 2003 and are nurtured by the islanders for their wide variety of flora and fauna quintessential to the area.

3. The dazzling capital city of Palma de Mallorca

The lively capital of Palma is one of the most heart-warming cities to explore in Mallorca. The fascinating world of Palma is a jamboree of nature and culture. You don’t want to miss out on the stunning beaches and the staggering monuments that formulate the heartthrob of the seaside capital. Two builds balance the pride fulcrum of the city- La Seu, the gothic cathedral, and the Royal Palace of Almudaina. Out of the two most prominent monuments that the city boasts of, La Seu, the gothic cathedral is the most impressive one. It is the second tallest gothic cathedral among all the gothic cathedrals in Europe. Royal Palace of Almudaina also deserves a special mention being the national heritage and the official summer residence of the Spanish royal family it is an intricate part of Palma’s cultural heritage.

4. Tempting water sports, you can’t afford to miss.

If you are looking for some sun-soaked adventure, then Mallorca is your place. The hub of international competitions, Mallorca offers you an inexhaustible number of sporting opportunities in the water. You can scuba dive into the turquoise water and unravel your own Atlantis, chase the waves while windsurfing, ride the sparkling surf while flite boarding, and when all these activities tire you down a little you can set sail on a yacht charter in Mallorca and try out some sport fishing while enjoying the gorgeous scenery across the bay with a lovely glass of wine.

5. The Caverns of Mallorca

A visit to a cave should always be a part of one’s bucket list because caves are one of the most enigmatic creations of Nature. Mallorca with its 200+ caves provides you with 200+ options to choose your favorite cave for your list and unravel its mystery. Get enchanted by some of the most spectacular rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and subterranean lakes of these hidden caverns of Mallorca. Discover the caves of Drach (the most famous one), the caves of Hams, the caves of Arta, and the White Caves with fishermen’s dwellings carved in the rocks. Delve deep into these caverns, hire the best boat rentals in Mallorca to satiate your curiosity, and see what life-changing wisdom is in store for you in these beautiful caverns.

6. Wine o’clock at Mallorca

Mallorca has more than 70 bodegas- the local name for a winery. So, do not get surprised by the superior quality wine that you might stumble upon at the most unexpected nook in Mallorca. This Spanish island is home to some incredibly superior quality grapes that produce the finest wines. Intoxicate your trip a little with some wine-tasting tours in some of the most famous wineries like Bodega José Luis Ferrer, Bodega Ribas, and Bodegas Angel. Make it a point to enjoy the indigenous Monte negro along with other local finds till your wine lover toes turn a little tipsy.

7. Beautiful villages of Mallorca

Escape into the world of serenity and celebrate the medieval charm clubbed with the breathtaking views of the magnificent villages in Mallorca. Villages like Valldemossa, Fornalutx, Sóller, and Deiá, are some of the best-preserved villages in Spain and you are destined to lose your heart in their vicinity. As mementos you can take home with you the picturesque landscape, memories of some lovely orange trees, a joyous wooden train ride to Sóller across the Sierra de Alfabia, the spectacular architecture of a Church in gothic and baroque styles, and of course some turquoise water to soothe your soul.

8. The variety of Mallorcan food

A trip without a gastronomic adventure is incomplete. Food connects you to people and people make a beautiful place come alive. So, you must explore the heart of the Mallorcan culture through its food. Start your day with a perfect Pa Amb Oli, then let the taste of Coca de Cuarto occupy your palate, next taste the Arros Brut-the traditional rice dish, relish some Bunyols-the authentic Mallorcan doughnut, and finally let the Esaimada- Mallorcan spiral pastry call it a day after casting its delicious spell on you. The variety of Mallorcan food is enormous so if you wish to explore all the delightful delicacies in Mallorca you must add this Balearic Island to your bucket list.

9. Serra de Tramuntana

On the 27th of June 2011 Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca was awarded the World Heritage Status by UNESCO. The beautiful Mondragó natural park along with the Albufera Natural Park contribute to a harmonious combination of diversity in flora and fauna. The outlandish beauty of this place is sure to sweep you off your feet. Every single aspect of this place from the spectacular villages to the gorgeous landscape is bound to you make you sigh at the sight. Plan your Mallorca yacht charter vacation now and unearth these Mediterranean treasures waiting to be discovered.

10. Mallorca’s nightlife

There is always something to do in Mallorca. You can enjoy the nightlife of Magalluf, Cala D’or, or Puerto de Alcudia or just bask in the bohemian atmosphere of the town. The island offers a traditional and contemporary mix of festivals throughout the year; you can visit clubs and open-air jazz concerts or simply participate in countless parties, parades, and carnivals during the traditional celebrations year-round.

Kick-start your turquoise dream adventure Today! Sleep on your doubts, chuck your busy schedule, pack your swimsuits, book a Mallorca yacht charter and get ready to soak up some sun – the time and tide in Mallorca are waiting for you.